The mobile app development industry is growing rapidly, on both development and users side. Well, did you know that 179 billion mobile applications are downloaded each year? Infact, if you observe the trend 5 years back, it has been replaced with something totally new today. Apps have made lives easier and we have reached a point where we cannot imagine our lives without these apps, and the apps are still evolving.

Let’s look at the trends & future of mobile apps:

1.Internet of Things(IoT) and Mobile-connected Smart Devices

These days, IoT is being referred to as the next big Industrial Revolution. It is changing the way we interact with the physical world. Internet Of Things will continue to grow from $157.05 billion to about $661.74 billion in 2021.

Companies have already declared it as the future of technology and it is being used to transform the experience of users using advanced mobile applications. Companies are developing mobile apps that can control devices or systems at home sitting right at the office.

Smartphones and tablets with supporting apps act as remote controls, displaying and analyzing information to monitor. Mobile apps and mobile devices provide further scope for IoT to expand in almost all sectors including education, healthcare, fashion etc. Mobile apps for smart IoT home devices or system is going to take it a whole new level.

2.Wearable devices

Smartwatches and wearables are quite trending now. According to reports, the number of wearable devices will cross 500 million number by the year 2020. The demand of wearables across different sectors are also increasing the need of custom mobile applications.

These smart gadget devices are strongly forcing lot of custom enhancement in development of next generation mobile applications.

Smartphone are going to be a hub of wearable gadgets on our body.
Wearable apps using biometrics or multi- axis accelerometer based software can help to interpret emotions, gesture detection. Wearable technology will continue to evolve.

3.AR – Augmented Reality

AR is superimposing computer created objects into the real world. Deep development of this technology had helped it to be used in smartphones which is leading to development of wide variety of augmented reality apps. AR mobile apps are so popular they create personalized experiences that are based on the user’s surroundings.
The release of ARKit by Apple and ARCore by Android – they have enabled much more simple solutions with improved motion tracking and environmental understanding.
The augmented reality apps have a huge potential as future is concerned.


Because of the trends, App development field is evergreen.
Following the ageold techniques and methods to conquer the transformation will not help anymore for any size of Mobile Application Development Company in the world. Exploring new platforms, technologies, methodologies, systems & integrations, and investing in enhancing the experience of the users will help in competing the current digital era.